REPUBLIK Whitepaper

History & Roadmap


January - Genesis of RepubliK
March - Alpha app released. Internal testing begins
April - Creator-Only Token Offering. Creator events program is launched
June - Alpha external testing begins with early “settlers”
July - Seed Round opens
August - Partnership formed with RecceLabs to build AI recommendation engine
September - Partnership formed with Razer and several mid-to-large creator communities
October - Alpha platform public version released as web app with challenge discovery mechanism and basic XP system
November - First KOL creator challenge begins on RepubliK and attracts over 20,000 unique users. Alpha app is listed on the Google Play Store
December - Several creator and community challenges launch and bring over 40,000 additional unique users to the platform. Posting functionality added to RepubliK


January - Alpha app is listed on iOS App Store
February - “Conversations” functionality is added to RepubliK
March - Platform hits 100,000 unique users. Explore page redesigned to support new functions
April - Modified XP rewards system with in-app dashboard is added to RepubliK
June - Internal wallet functionality is added to RepubliK
July - Airdrop functionality is added to RepubliK
August - RepubliK Beta is released with tipping monetization function
September - Token Generation Event
October - Hot wallet integration added to RepubliK. Users are able to withdraw RPK from the platform
November - Token Exchange Listing