REPUBLIK Whitepaper

Creator Tokens: The Renaissance 2.0.

As an investor or fan, imagine being able to buy an interest in the future value of any up-and-coming digital creator as easily as you can Like or Share their content. Imagine being able to take a stake in the next global talent phenomena or digital content movement.
As a creator, imagine being able to get a multiple on your earnings when you need it the most instead of just accepting donations or selling content.
The single largest challenge to mass participation in investing in the creator economy has been the lack of an efficient and secure way to fractionalize contracts for talent across a large number of participants.
Think about the traditional record label model where each creator signs a contract with a label that forms the basis for their relationship. Each contract is lengthy, complex and limited by nature to a few counterparties. No mechanism exists that allows creators to enter into thousands of agreements across hundreds of countries and currencies. The administrative burden would far outweigh the benefits of aggregating multiple small investments.
Smart contracts on the blockchain in the form of SFTs and NFTs are uniquely placed to solve this problem allowing the efficient deployment of any number of smart contracts across a wide range of parameters. We believe that this use case is where the future of NFTs lies and not in the tokenization of content.
RepubliK will make it easy for creators to create contracts on future earnings
A simple dashboard is all that a creator needs to interact with. While easy to use, it allows for increasing flexibility and customizability as experience is gained.

Tokenomics of Creator Tokens

  • $RPK will be required to generate creator tokens. The first ~50k creators will be given this functionality for free, and a proportion will always continue to be free for deserving creators.
  • Each tranche (representing one percent of the creator’s total on platform potential earnings) is sequentially released after all the tokens minted from the previous tranche have been sold.
  • All revenue generated on platform by creators accrues as rewards in $RPK distributed to creator tokens.
  • $RPK rewards accumulate in creator tokens and can be traded or melted if the owner wants to extract their dividend yield.
  • $RPK rewards allocated to tokens still held by the creator will enter directly into a creator’s $RPK wallet as revenue.
  • 3% of tranches representing 3% of future earnings, get donated into the operating platform to fund the operations of the ecosystem.

Transparent Data-Driven Marketplace

RepubliK provides an intuitive way for the audience to invest and support creators through a transparent, data driven marketplace.
  • Creator data – each creator’s tokens will be accompanied by a wealth of data that will inform pricing and allow investors and traders to make a value judgement on their purchases.
  • Earnings flow – detailed history of earnings, growth and trajectory of each creator.
  • Production analytics – creator ranking, audience size, rate of engagement, number of productions, and more.
We also envision a lively market for creator tokens of those who have made it to the top of their profession, beyond our ecosystem and on the world stage.