REPUBLIK Whitepaper

The RepubliK Token ($RPK)

$RPK is the native token of the RepubliK platform
$RPK will be a transparent base currency built on Binance Smart Chain and used for:
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It will power a number of core functions, including:
A. Fractionalizing future earnings and mass participation in talent investment.
B. Transparent data-driven marketplace.
C. Proof of capital/wealth and staking.
D. Platform operations.
E. Rewards and incentives.


More specifically, the RPK token is an on-platform virtual currency used for the following:
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    Primary currency of RepubliK All monetized interactions ****between creators and their audiences use RPK. Examples of these interactions include voting, wagering, tipping, donations, merch store purchases, and creator token investments.
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    Governance RepubliK enables any user to hold a stake in the platform while granting them voting rights in shaping the platform's evolution. A user’s voting power is proportional to the amount of RPK they hold. This approach contrasts with legacy social media platforms that ignore user input, frequently altering policies at their discretion.
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    Proof of capital/wealth and staking
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    Platform operations
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    Rewards and incentives The XP rewards and token airdrop systems are a unique incentive structure used align stakeholder interests with those of the platforms. Token airdrops are rewarded in RPK tokens.
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    Minting creator tokens and NFTs On RepubliK, creator tokens and NFTs are intrinsically bonded to a pool of RPK, ensuring that their value can never fall below the value of the RPK within that pool. This direct bonding mechanism serves as a safeguard against the depreciation of creator tokens and NFTs, offering stability and security to their value


Demand-driven value through actual utility


The total supply of RPK is 3,000,000,000 tokens.

Token Distribution

The allocation of RPK tokens at genesis will be fixed. Afterwards, tokens will be issued in an adjustable manner in order to distribute tokens more equitably in accordance with the platform’s growth.
A portion of tokens are rewarded to the most active users on the platform, based on their contributions to its growth. Although early adopters are expected to receive higher token rewards than latecomers, ongoing token rewards via XP/airdrop prevent their consolidation among the early adopters.

Creator-Only Token Offering

  • Up to 2% of total supply
  • Max 60M RPK at USD $0.02
  • Limited to Creators
This round closed with $1.2M and over 500 creators with a total following of more than 50 million across legacy platforms.

Seed Round

  • 6% of total supply
  • 180M RPK at USD $0.025

Early Round

  • 4% of total supply
  • 120M RPK
  • Institutional raise

Public Sale

  • 5% of total supply